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From Work- to Racehorse : Widest Choice for Specific Needs

From the 'workhorse' for the routine laboratory to the 'racehorse' for highest demands in R&D - Hecus XRS provides solutions for any needs or budgets.

Hecus XRS provides the widest range of laboratory X-ray tools for advanced nanostructure analysis. Applications include:

  • absolute nanoparticle weight,
  • size and shape determination, e.g. of proteins in solution,
  • inner structure of polymers and liquid crystals,
  • porosity and inner surface of powders,
  • nanostructure of biomaterials and inorganic materials, e.g. bone, tissue, clays,
  • simultaneous measurement of SAXS and WAXS, for long- and short-range structure,
  • ultrathin films at solid surfaces by GISAXS and XRR

Precision, Speed, Flexibility

Hecus camera systems embody the original Kratky tradition - simply the best - and combine it with the most advanced optics, automation and detector technology.

Once you have experienced the convenience and power of a Hecus SAXS/SWAXS station at your home laboratory, you will see synchrotrons in a different light.

Health & Safety

Our instruments are intrinsically safe and comply with the Ionisation Radiation Regulation of Practice for Protection against Ionizing Radiation Emitted from X-ray Analysis Equipment. Austrian Ministry of Science, Vienna, Declaration of Conformity acc. To EC guideline 89/392/EEC, SMG 47 2009.

Hecus-Solutions : Overview